• TPH6700 IP67 Industrial Housing

TPH6700 IP67 Rated Industrial Housing 

Designed to protect devices and connectors from extreme outdoor environments and harsh industrial conditions, the Robustel Typhoon 6700 IP67 Housing (TPH6700) provides a weatherproof enclosure based on the available features of R2000/ R2000 Ent/R3000/R3000 Lite. 

With an IP67 rated enclosure, the TPH6700 can be mounted either on a wall or a pole and positioned in diverse temperatures and environments.


Key Features

  • IP67 ingress protection withstanding water, dust and other extreme weather conditions
  • Standards for the housing-Performance requirement for high and low temperature
  • Ageing-resistance level (UL746C)
  • Flame-retardant level (grade 2 of UL746C)
  • Standard requirement for environment protection
  • Up to 24 hours rechargeable battery for endurance (R2000/R3000 Lite)
  • Including built-in DC input
  • Supporting external solar energy (new energy) input
  • Applicable to the majority of Robustel’s products
  • Various interfaces meeting the different scenarios
  • Easy wall or pole mounting options
    Cellular Interface
    Number of ports4 or 2 connectors optional (MAIN + AUX + ANT1 + ANT2)
    ConnectorM16, female


    Wi-Fi Interface
    Number of ports2 (WiFi MAIN + WiFi AUX)
    ConnectorM16, female
    Ethernet Interface
    Number of ports5, 2 or 1 ports optional
    10/100 Mbps


    Serial Port
    Number of ports1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-485 or 1 x RS-232 +
    1 x RS-485
    ConnectorM12, 8 PIN


    Power Supply
    Number of ports1 x POWER + 1 x POWER OPTIONAL
    ConnectorM12, 3 PIN or 5 PIN optional
    Input voltagePOWER port –
    100 – 240 V, 50-60 HZ AC input
    9 – 60 V DC input
    (9 – 36 V DC for R2000 Ent)
    15 – 18 V for new energy input
    48 – 57 V for POE input


    Physical Characteristics
    Enclosure coverFully detachable
    Weight1010 g
    Dimensions310 x 245 x 95 mm
    InstallationsWall mounting and pole mounting

TPH6700 IP67 Industrial Housing

  • Brand: Robustel
  • Product Code: TPH6700 IP67 Industrial Housing
  • Availability: Please email sales@cayee.com.hk